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Special Thanks to..

We are so grateful to all the wonderful friendships who help to provide these amazing opportunities to our region. These partnerships have allowed PA Rural Robotics to create a STEM ecosystem that will change the future of workforce and economic development and education throughout Western Pennsylvania for years to come!

The Robotics Education and Competition Foundation

For their grant assistance, providing professional development, and continued support of the regional competitions...

Venango County Commissioners Office
PA Governor’s NW Regional Office


For their continued support and assistance in relationship building with key stakeholders...

The Bridge Builders Community Foundation

For serving as an essential team member, and making a commitment to support the Initiative as a regional asset...

School of Education & Computer Information Sciences Staff and Students of Clarion University

For providing outstanding programming and support throughout our inaugural season. Clarion served as the site of 2019’s PA Rural Robotics League Finals and has taken it a step further with plans to host the Western PA VEX State Finals in 2020...

The Northwest Commission

For spearheading efforts to connect with regional economic and workforce development agencies and to secure funding for the initiative..

Workforce Solutions of North Central PA
NWPA Job Connect
North Central PA Regional Planning and Development Commission



For their connections, expertise, and assistance in planning for essential skills that these students will need as they enter the workforce or continue their education...

Carnegie Mellon University's Traffic 21 and Mobility 21 Institute

For being a trusted advisor since the conception of PA Rural Robotics and continuing to look for ways to support our mission...

Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute

For helping us find ways to bring CMU and our young STEM students together..

Carnegie Mellon University Information Systems

For their assistance in developing PA RRI's website and data infrastructure as part of the IS program's Spring Consulting Project...

Carnegie Mellon University's Office of Outreach and Engagement

For providing a menu of options that can further our CMU connections as the initiative grows...

The CMU CS Academy

PA Rural Robotics plans to introduce their member schools to the CS1 course and discuss the potential it could have in expanding computer science offerings within all of the member districts...

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